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International meetings

The formation and ministry activity of the Congregations finds significant moments of experience and discussion in order to check and plan the journey, in some meetings at the international level, in addition to the ones in the Provinces.

We point out:

• the General Chapter, which manifests the communion of life and apostolic activity of the Congregation in the highest way

• the Inter-provincial Conferences, in which participate the Superiors of the Provinces together with the Superior General and his council

• the Murialdine Month, a typical formation experience that is celebrated every three years in a different province, open to all the confreres

• the formators meetings, which gather those in charge of the international and provincial formation staffs of the Congregation

• the meetings of the Provincial Treasurers, coordinated by the General Treasurer.

Some international meetings are lived as Family of St L. Murialdo [FdM] and therefore see the full and active participation, together with the Josephites, also of the young collaborators and educators, the Murialdine Sisters, the Murialdo Secular Institute and the Lay people of St L. Murialdo.

Among them:

• the meeting of the representatives of Josephan ministry: the last one was held on August 2011 in Sigüenza (Spain)

• the Seminars of Murialdine Pedagogy: the first took place on 2005 in Fazenda Souza (Brazil), the second, which continued the reflection process began there, has been in Buenos Aires (Argentina), October/November 2008

• the Josephan Ministry Forum, a moment of conclusion and relaunch about a work and debate kept alive through constant contacts in a virtual forum on Internet; the last one was on 2009 in Brazil

• the international meeting of the FdM: the last one was held in Turin on 2010, ten years after the centennial celebration of St. Leonard Murialdo’s death.

• the meeting of the youths of the FdM: the last one took place in Madrid during the 2011 World Youth Day, and the next one will be at the 2013 World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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