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Parish and oratory

The pastoral service for the evangelization of the people of God that we offer as Congregation in the contest of the Church mission is carried out also through the parishes and youth centres (oratories).

The Josephan Parishes, besides offering pastoral care to the entire people of God entrusted to them, are marked by a special attention to the boys and youths, especially the poorest and neediest ones. This predilection love must be a choice involving the whole community.

Here is a motto that is both a goal and a challenge: “in the Josephan Parish, not a young without family”.

In the oratories, welcoming and meeting places for boys and youths, the Josephites, together with many other educators and volunteers, offer an educational service that is open, joyful and filled with warm cordiality.

“To pray, to learn and to play, this is the oratory”, St L. Murialdo often was saying.

Recreation and sport, intellectual and cultural elaboration and spiritual growth are the foundations of his educational offer, the “Pedagogy of Love”, centred on the education of the youths’ hearts.

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