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The Congregation of Saint Joseph, a community of brothers in faith that is integrated in history, express itself in organizational forms, seen as an instrument for promoting the personal and communitarian religious life and, through the responsible commitment of the single confreres, the apostolic activity of the Congregation.

The service of authority is the soul of the organization, lived in the imitation of Christ and in the spirit of Murialdo: all the confreres exercise it participating responsibly to the Congregation’s life and action, according to each one’s task and competencies.

The local community, called to form a well united family, is presided by the local superior, first responsible and animator of the community life and activity; he is helped in his service by the family council, expression of the co-responsibility of all the confreres.

The province gathers in broader community diverse local communities. It is governed by the superior provincial with the provincial council.

The Congregation recognises in the superior general the successor of Murialdo and the sign of its unity. He is helped, in the exercise of his authority over the entire Congregation, by the general council.

The communion of life and apostolic activity of the Congregation is especially manifested in the confreres’ assemblies, at the various levels, called chapters: local, provincial, and general. In them the community, the province and the whole Congregation, under the guidance of the Spirit and attentive to the signs of the times, verify and pursue their fidelity to the Gospel and the Charisma.

Another moment expressing the co-responsibility in the service of authority at the general level is the inter-provincial meeting; it is attended by the superiors of the provinces with the superior general and his council.

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