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Fr. Vargheese, the 15th Indian Josephan priest!

There were 3,500 seats for the dinner offered to all present (bishop, 35 priests, many seminarians, relatives and parishioners), at the end of the priestly ordination of Fr Vargheese, celebrated near Trivandrum (extreme southern Kerala) on May 1st, 2015.

This number would be enough to understand the meaning of these celebrations in India! But there's more: there are the colours, the flowers, the drums, the music, the heat and the sweat, the hugs, the beach and the sea very close to the great church, which looks like an European cathedral, set in a nature and in places that only God could make so beautiful.

Once again we say a big "Nanni" (thank you in Malayalam) for another great gift, which marks the history of another young man, of his family and of the presence of the Josephites in India.

It does not end here! In May many good things will still happen... follow us!